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Fenton/Linden Co-ed Softball 

Here is the schedule for our church softball team. We are #2. Come root our awesome team on! If you have any questions, contact Dale or the church office. 

Field A - Linden FMC 13274 Linden Road, Linden 

Field B - The Rock Church 11499 Linden Road, Fenton

Tuesday May 14th Field B 7:30 p.m. Faith City vs Benchmark

Tuesday May 21st Field B 7:30 p.m. Benchmark at Fenton UMC

Thursday May 23rd Field A 7 p.m. Village Bible Church vs Benchmark

Tuesday May 28th Field B 6: p.m.  Benchmark at Village Bible Church

Tuesday June 4th Field B 6 p.m. Fenton UMC at Benchmark 

Thursday June 6th Field A 7 p.m. Benchmark at Faith City

Tuesday June 11th Field A 7 p.m. Benchmark at Tyrone Community Presbyterian


Tuesday June 18th Field B 7:30 p.m. Trinity Lutheran at Benchmark 


Thursday June 20th Field B 6 p.m. Benchmark at Trinity Lutheran (repeat game)

Tuesday June 25th Field B 6 p.m. Tyrone Community Presbyterian at Benchmark (repeat game)

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